Salon Loyalty Program Increases Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the foundation for a successful salon. Enroll customers in TheSalonForce Loyalty Program to store their personal information, important service information and provide them with promotions specially designated for loyal clients.

By enrolling clients in the Salon Force Loyalty Program you will be able to store their personal information in a database.This program provides an organized database in which to store client's phone number, email addresses, and any other relevant information. This information forms your salon's clientele database. Salon Force uses the information in this database to send fortnightly Hairdressing Newsletter, SMS messages, and SMS Service Reminders. In this way, it will increase customer loyalty faster than any other salon marketing and advertising software out there.

Our Loyalty Program database also stores information related to your clients' services. You will easily be able to record the date of your client's last visit and use this information to send SMS Service Reminders. Finally, with TheSalonForce Loyalty Program you have the ability to set fully customizable loyalty rewards.