Service Reminder

We have a secret for you - your clients are just as busy as you are. They are also forgetful. With TheSalonForce SMS Service Reminders you can help busy and forgetful clients stay on schedule with their salon services. If every client who has been impressed with your salon came back on a regular bases you would always be busy. Your customers know that they should return regularly to maintain the great look you helped them to achieve but, they get busy and forget. With SMS Service Reminders you can consistently remind them when it is time for a return visit.

Our SMS Service Reminders are completely customizable. You decide the frequency of reminders by selecting the interval. You also create the message that you want your client to receive. The message is delivered to your client's mobile phone at the designated intervals. Include your salon's phone number or website where customers can easily click directly from the text message to schedule an appointment.

SMS Service Reminders will ensure and increase customer loyalty. Your customers will appreciate the reminder and continue to choose your salon for all of their personal care needs. You will see an increase in returning clients and your fabulous business will continue to grow. All of this can be accomplished with minimal time requirement from you. At TheSalonForce we know you, as a successful salon owner, are extremely busy. We hope to help you gain repeat business without taking away from the time you would rather be spending wowing clients.