How TheSalonForce software can work for you.

You are a talented, creative, successful and busy salon owner. You know that salon marketing and advertising is an important factor in your on-going success but, there are never enough hours in the day. We can help! TheSalonForce software automates all your direct marketing needs using a combination of SMS and Email marketing. Once using TheSalonForce you will have at your fingertips, an interactive loyalty program that is customisable to your unique salons needs, a powerful software system that is capable of sending out reminders to your clients via SMS automatically, the option to send out promotion instantly to any number of your clients via SMS, a professionally written, fun and interesting fortnightly Hairdressing e-Newsletter.

Why do all this? One reason, to get your clients in sooner which means they spend more with you annual, this equals more money in your pocket.

Don't forget to watch the video, it will help you get a better understanding on how TheSalonForce will work for you.