TheSalonForce market program increases clients annual spend!

What we do

TheSalonForce software automates all your direct marketing needs, it works on getting your clients in sooner which means they spend more with you annual, this equals more money in your pocket.

Loyalty Program

Do you have a loyalty program? If used correctly a loyalty program can be the biggest asset to your business. TheSalonForce uses its loyalty program to customise your direct market needs.

Service Reminder

SMS reminders get your clients in sooner for their next service. The best part is TheSalonForce software does it for you, so you can guarantee no clients will ever miss out on their reminder.

SMS Promotions

No more slow days at your salon when you use TheSalonForce software. Don’t have a lot of bookings? Instantly send a customised SMS promotion to any number of your clients.

Fortnightly Newsletter

Add a sense of professionalism to your salon’s image with fortnightly newsletters created by TheSalonForce and sent directly to you clients with your salon’s name and information.