Hairdressing Marketing & Hairdressing Advertising Newsletter

As part of TheSalonForce promotional package for salon marketing and advertising which includes hairdressing marketing and hairdressing advertising, your clients will receive a professionally written, informative and interesting fortnightly newsletter in their email inbox from your salon. Our fortnightly newsletters are filled with tips, tricks and trends that your clients will benefit from. The hairdressing newsletter is designed with your salon name and information. When your clients open the newsletter it will appear to have been written directly by your salon. This is a great way to show your clients that you are on top of all the latest in personal care styles and trends.

Your salon name and information are prominently displayed on the fortnightly newsletter. This serves as a reminder to clients and improves name recognition. When it comes time for a visit to the salon, they will always have your salon name top of mind. In addition, we personalize the fortnightly newsletter to each client. The newsletter will display the date of their last visit and a check-in update reminding them to return to your salon. The fortnightly newsletter will consistently provide your salon with repeat business.

With TheSalonForce you can show your customers how professional your salon is. Clients will see that your salon is continuously analyzing new trends and that you are happy to keep your customers up to date with this information. Your salon's name will always be top of mind. Best of all, TheSalonForce does it all for you so you can do what you do best - run a successful salon!